MY HIJAB ! MY SHIELD ! FINAL PART || Binth Nizamdeen

Assalamu alaikum to all of you.

May Peace and Blessings of Allah be showered upon all His creatures.Aameen.

Going back to my topic on hijab,I wish to speak today what modern hijab is all about..

Although space wouldn't permit me to elaborate all I wish to..I would try my best to pour out all my heart's contents.

Its so pathetic to see the length of the hijab growing short day by day since time immemorial and today it is reduced to the size of a hanky..perhaps, I guess due to financial crisis that every home suffers nowadays.

Why wear such a hijab for the sake of being recognized as a Muslim? Simply loiter without would do just the same.Its no more a hijab.Its only a dress to prevent your hair from being burnt in the sun.

The so - called fashionable hijabs are the rife cause of sexual abuse today.You can never blame the male society alone,afterall, its the show off women that stirred their carnal desires.It is said in a hadith that a woman who applies perfumes and walks down the street is a prostitute.If so, just consider dear sisters,if a simple fragrant smell carries such a gravity of sin, where else shall all the beauty displayed to the wayfarers lead us to... A fashion show case walking down the street,not only bear the sin of committing adultery, instead she has to bear the burden of causing thousands of men guilty of the crime,simply by absorbing the thought of zina in their minds.

The modern muslimahs donned in their tight jeans and tops with a head scarf to prove their identity carry not even the dust in the shoes of Mother Aisha and Fathima (ral).Its a shame on the whole Muslim society.Our Muslim sisters are driven fast towards the western fashion fever and had simply trampled down the traditions brought up by our honoured mothers of Islam.

In the West,women have been reduced almost to a plaything of enjoyment and fancy.They have become objects of exploitation by men and the slogans of liberty have reduced them to playful commodities.Thier scantily clothed bodies have become the hallmark of western materialism.Its so pathetic to see the ummath of Muhammad (sal) walking in thier pathway.

The result of this, is the cause of many of our regrets today.The social balance is destroyed.Instead of flourishing, the society carries many insoluble problems such as broken marriages,single parent families and break ups in family life.These issues are already ripe in the western society and now had gathered strength to creep into the Islamic world too.School -girl pregnancies,increase in abortions and divorce rates are the result of the so-called freedom of women championed by feminists. They have neither gained liberty nor achieved full equality;rather they have lost their natural place in the home.

The natural balance, fairness and mutuality have been lost.The outcome has been horrendous for peace and stability.

Hereby I declare,the right hijab that Islam urges every Muslim girl having reached puberty to follow,is to cover her whole body from top to bottom.It shouldnt be tight fitting nor transparent nor should it carry excessive decorations to capture the sights of strange men.

I pray Almighty Allah to grant all of us the opportunity to adhere to the right hijab. Aameen.May He make all of us among the righteous women. Aameen...


வாசகர்களுக்கு ஓர் அன்பான வேண்டுகோள் :

1. செய்திகள் குறித்த கருத்துக்களைப் பதிவு செய்யும்போது, எவருடைய மனதையும் புண்படுத்தாத வகையில், நாகரிகமான முறையில் உங்கள் கருத்துகள் இருக்க வேண்டும் என்று எதிர்பார்க்கிறோம்.

2. ஏற்கனவே பதிவு செய்யப்பட்ட கருத்துகளையும் விமர்சிக்கலாம். ஆனால் தனிப்பட்ட முறையில் எவரையும் விமர்சிக்காமல், கருத்துக்கள் மற்றும் செய்திகளை மட்டுமே விமர்சிக்க வேண்டுகிறோம்.

3.உங்களது மேலான கருத்துக்களையும் ஆலோசனைகளையும் எதிர்பார்கிறோம்

இந்த வலைதளம் வளாச்சிக்கு நிறை - குறைகளை
சுட்டி காட்டவும் உங்கள் வருகைக்கு நன்றி.

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